Will it save money?

Tonight we switch to daylight saving time and lose an hour of sleep. Is it good for our wallet?

This year, the time change will take place this weekend.  (DEEPBLUE4YOU / E+ / GETTY IMAGES)

We’re changing the time this Saturday night, that’s it For 48 years, successive governments since Giscard d’Estaing in 1976 have moved our clocks forward or backward each year. Deciphering with Fanny Guinochet.

franceinfo: Does this time change really make it possible to save on an individual scale?

Fanny Guinochet: You are right to ask because originally in 1976 that was the goal of the operation: time changes were the goal saves energy by reducing the time of artificial lighting in the evening hours. By adjusting our days to natural solar radiation that changes throughout the year, the government hoped to reduce energy bills.

PUSH latest study from Ademe on the impact of time change on energy consumption dates back to 2010, and in fact the agency estimated that in fact Energy and CO2 savings remain modest, with almost zero implementation costs. It is still debated whether to keep this time change or not, mBut still, even small, any savings are worth it.

So do we benefit from more daylight?

Yes, on average Ademe estimates that our lighting costs us 25 euros per household per year. vsMaybe it’s time to take a look, put LED bulbs instead, or bulbs labeled low consumption, noilluminate only where necessary. And of course we keep the good old reflex: when we leave the room, we turn off the light!

Shall we turn down the heating too?

Yes, because it’s spring and even if the weather is unpredictable, it’s time to reduce the heating, or even turn it off, because we remember that heating alone represents a third of our energy consumption.

Did you know that a simple drop of 1 small degree reduces our energy consumption by an average of 7%? Also consider lowering the water heater temperature for hot water heating. You can also set a timer, which also saves money.

And then spring normally rhymes with sunny days, so it’s time to dry clothes outside and put away the dryer, which uses a lot of electricity – it’s three times more than the washing machine…

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