Boilers, wood stoves… Support for energy renovation has been decreasing since April 1

MaPrimeRenov’, which enables the financing of energy renovation work in houses, is reduced by 30% from Monday 1 April. The government wants to reorient the system, which it considers too costly.

The government no longer wants households to use the scheme to fund small jobs.  Illustrative photo.  (ROMAIN DOUCELIN / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

Please note that this reduction currently only applies to the installation of wood, wood or pellet boilers or stoves. With this equipment, the boost from MaPrimeRénov’ will be reduced by a third, the amounts depend on your income. The government has been reducing aid since April 1 as it wants to reorient a system it sees as too costly. MaPrimeRénov’ has been benefiting from significant financial resources for several years. Last year, it was endowed with almost 2.5 billion euros, but at the end of February, the Ministry of Finance implemented a plan, taking a billion euros from MaPrimeRénova this year.

This announcement is incomprehensible to experts. They explain that this equipment is expensive to install. And without significant financial support from the state, many households will give up changing their heating system. It is de facto a loss of activity for them, even if they have fewer projects at the moment. But construction professionals are especially upset because the government will be driving MaPrimeRénov much more.

MaPrimeRenov’ expanded for global renovations

In fact, the government no longer wants households to use this system to finance minor works: replacing the boiler, windows or even just insulating the roof. According to him, this work is too costly for public finances and is not effective from the point of view of energy recovery. If you really want to insulate houses, large renovations, complex renovations work best. And on this point the construction sector lags behind. As on boilers or wood stoves, the professionals lost a heel, just as they gained a few months on the issue of these global renovations, because the government postponed the refocusing of MaPrimeRénov until next year.

In summary from 1ahem After January 2025, depending on the conditions of your resources, you will still be able to ask MaPrimeRénov’ to decarbonize your heating, for example switching to a heat pump. And you can also get it if you carry out a major insulation of your home. On the other hand, you will no longer have MaPrimeRénov’ if you just want to replace the windows or insulate the roof.

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