authorities call for vigilance

In Boulonnais, in the department of Pas-de-Calais, a new scam has recently appeared. Fraudsters go door to door to order replacement waste bins. These facts were reported in several municipalities of this region.

In recent days, several communes in the Boulonnais have saying their residents about a new method of fraud that is popular in the region. In fact, several municipalities alerted the local population to ” a wave of fraudulent door-to-door sales regarding the replacement of household waste collection containers », he reports Voice of the North, on March 30. ” It’s a scam, changing bins is free », remind the municipalities.

This is one or more people who can come to your home and offer to exchange your household waste collection container for a certain amount. The scammer may insist until he convinces you. However, once he collects his money, he vanishes into thin air without emptying the famous dustbin, let alone replacing it.

CAB reminds of the free replacement of waste bins and calls for caution

According to the testimony, it appears that the author or one of the authors of this scam “passed through Wimereux”, the same source said. PUSH the commune also launched a preventive message on its social networks. Other reported testimony: that of the mayor of Equihen-Plage, Christian Fourcroy. Quoted by The voice of the north confided that ” heard a man acting alone who demands ten euros for a new waste bin “.

The gendarmerie confirmed the version given by the mayor, notes the same media, but specifies that ” no one was fooled ” a priori. A search operation was allegedly launched, but the culprit(s) still have not been found.

Simultaneously with the ask messages and calls for vigilance launched by the communes, the urban community of Boulonnais (CAB) ” it ensures that none of its representatives go door-to-door to interact directly with citizens “. He reminds that collection containers are provided free of charge. Finally, CAB asks everyone: be extremely careful and never share your bank or identification details “.

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