Energy audit 2024 is available

This year, nearly 5.6 million low-income households will receive this help to pay their utility bills and finance some utility work (eligible for MaPrimeRénov support) from April 2, which remains in force until March 31, 2025.

For craftsmen, this check is doubly useful: on the one hand, for those who are part of the affected households, but also for companies that have the RGE label and that can provide eligible work.

No action is required to benefit from it: it is automatically mailed to the recipient’s home.

What conditions must be met in order to benefit from energy audits?

Awarded upon fulfillment of conditions. Its amount, which is calculated based on your Reference Tax Income (RFR) and the composition of your household, varies from €48 to €277 per year.

You can use dedicated simulator with this simulator to check your eligibility.

How to use energy control?

Once you receive your energy check, you can:

• Use it directly online to pay part of your energy expenses with some electricity or natural gas suppliers;

• Send it to your energy supplier by post (you can find their address on your last bill or payment schedule).

To have your Energy Check directly deducted from your electricity or gas bill for the next few years, you can request a pre-allocation:

• Be online;

• Either by sending an energy check by post to your supplier after ticking the “pre-allocation” box on the receipt.

After that, you will no longer receive your energy check in the mail; In the spring, an email simply informs you of the amount of your energy audit for the year.

You haven’t received your energy check: what should you do?

If you are eligible for an energy audit but have not received it by the deadline listed in the mailing schedule, you have two:

• Fill out the complaint form available on the page dedicated to energy inspections (the subject of the request is then “dispute – non-acceptance”);

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