The amount you can earn each month in France when you are unemployed

In France, it is not necessary to carry out a professional activity in order to receive an income. Thanks to the numerous social subsidies available to jobseekers, it is possible to maintain a certain purchasing power even when they are unemployed.

The social system in France is very beneficial for households, especially with several dependent children, because the threshold for leaving benefits increases for each additional member. For each dependent person, the household receives an additional family share, which represents several tens of euros in addition to the amount of social assistance.

Thanks to the possibility of combining several types of assistance, some households can achieve a relatively comfortable income without work. Especially since many subsidies are means-tested and therefore open to the unemployed. However, the amount of some social benefits decreases from the 3rd child onwards. This is mainly active solidarity income (RSA).

Then we wonder what amount a person can get in France without working. According to a study by DRESS, Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics, published in September 2023 and forwarded by our colleagues at Figaro, it depends on the composition of the household. A single parent, even with dependent children, will not be able to accumulate as much welfare income as a couple with children. According to the RSA scale, for example, the highest amount is granted to people in a couple with two dependent children, the lowest to a single person without children. The observation is the same for several social aids.

How much does a job seeker earn in France?

Still according to the DRESS study, carried out with reference to the scales valid from 1 January 2023, an unemployed single person receives up to €820 in social assistance per month, between RSA and housing support. 281 euros is housing benefit and 539 RSA and the Christmas bonus. For a couple without children, this amounts to €1,315 per month, including €898 RSA.

For a couple with two dependent children, it is possible to receive a monthly income of €1,629 without work, including €965 from the RSA. This amounts to 2,058 euros per month, with 847 euros RSA. However, thanks to the increase in housing benefit and family allowances, the income becomes higher than that of married couples with two children, whose RSA is still higher.

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