to exempt alimony from tax?

After a couple separates, the custodial parent receives child support from the co-parent. This is added to his income and thus becomes taxable. However, it is not included in the income of the gifted parent, to whom the exemption applies. A situation that is not to the benefit of single-parent families, whose pension amount is reduced by tax credits.

It must be said that this obligation has a greater impact on women, who already suffer from wage inequality. According to Parisian, almost 97% of parents responsible for paying child support are men. PS Philippe Brun wants to set things in motion by allowing these single mothers to take advantage of tax relief for alimony. ” If we exempted these pensions from tax for mothers and made people pay taxes for the people who pay these pensions, in most cases the fathers, in view of the wage inequalities, it would represent, according to our calculations, about 450 million more to the state”. stated in an interview with Parisian.

The MP also proposed the establishment of a single parent status, which allows access to certain help to financially support the needs of children.

Exemption from alimony up to a limit of 4,000 euros per child

It was on the occasion of March 8, i.e. International Women’s Day, that MP Philippe Brun raised the topic of single mothers. “One in four families are single parents. In 80% of cases, these are single mothers. 40% live below the poverty line,” he condemned in an interview with AFP. His bill aims to increase the help offered to single parents, especially mothers. Benefits provided for single parent status include exemption from alimony up to a limit of €4,000 per child, totaling €12,000 per year.

Likewise, single parents will be given priority leave during the school holidays in order to organize a family holiday. Another advantage: priority of a place in the kindergarten and also an 80% tax discount on child care. Although this proposal focuses primarily on single mothers, it does not exclude single fathers.

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