What help with the energy renovation of your home?

Energy renovations are a real headache for households. However, it is possible to use supports such as MaPrimeRénov’ or Ma Prim’Adapt when using local service providers.

How to find an RGE craftsman in the department, how to find out about help for energy renovations and get support? Renovating your home is sometimes a hurdle for individuals. There are many systems out there, some regularly evolving like MaPrimeRénov, and the eligibility criteria can be daunting at work. Local help is also available, such as the support of the Ministry or Grand Cahors. At the very beginning of an energy renovation project, it is strongly recommended to contact Guichet Renov’Occitanie (Grol) or obtain information from the France Rénov service. The latter then redirects households to companies capable of supporting individuals in the development of their project, such as Soliha, Quercy energies or Urbanis. Please note that in order for individuals to take advantage of this energy saving assistance, they must contact RGE certified tradesmen; it is also preferable to contact local experts who know the area better and are more accessible. There are 300 RGE marked companies listed in the lot.


It is a key device in energy renovation works. “With Ma Prime Rénov, there are two options to carry out the work, either by action or by completing the accompanying process, i.e. the complete renovation of the house. It is more relevant and economical,” explains Alban Aubert. Director of Quercy Energy. This support is paid after work is completed and can slow many households down. This system will be developed from May.

My Renovation Guide

In order to use MaPrimeRénov, households must use the Rénov guide. In Lot, Quercy energie, Soliha and Urbanis are listed as supporting Rénov, but a more complete list is available on the France Rénov website. This service helps households develop their energy renovation project. “You want to install a heat pump but, for example, your property is well insulated,” explains Christine Piette, director of Soliha in the Lot. The reconstruction guide monitors the progress of the construction site throughout the completion of the work. This service costs between 2,000 and 2,500 euros with the Anah payment option.

My Prim’Adapt

This aid is intended for work on adapting housing to aging or disability, for low-income households. Replacing the bathtub with a barrier-free shower, installing an electric stairlift, widening the door… The work that can be done is extensive and requires the support of an AMO (project management assistant). On Lot, Soliha and Urbanis are authorized by Anah.

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