what is this new aid from CAF?

Following on from Family Holiday Allowance (Vacaf), which was introduced in 1999 to allow citizens in a financially precarious situation to go on holiday, a new scheme from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) is coming this summer. This is a Colo Pass, intended for children from 11 years of age.

Specifically, this card allows you to partially finance a vacation. This system is especially beneficial for children who cannot leave with Vacaf in the summer. The season ticket can be used all year round during the school holidays, unlike other aids, which only apply to the summer holidays. However, it is possible to profit from it only once in a lifetime. For its launch, the system will use children born in 2013 (aged 10 or 11).

Colo Pass can also be used by children aged 12, if they were not previously entitled to it. As a final condition, it is necessary to choose a stay eligible for the system. The list will be published on April 15 on the government’s website Jeunes.gouv.fr. As for its entry into force, it is scheduled for the summer of 2024, according to the decree published on March 28. Please note that this scheme can be combined with other holiday allowances

The Colo Pass application will be made through the CAF website

Like all CAF grants, the amount of the Colo Pass varies depending on the family quotient, which cannot exceed a ceiling of 1,500 euros. For a family quotient less than or equal to 200 euros, the Colo Pass amount is 350 euros. For a holder from 201 to 700 euros, it is 300 euros. For a family quotient between 701 and 1200 euros, the amount increases to 250 euros. Finally, for children whose family quotient is between 1,201 and 1,500 euros, the allocated aid will be 200 euros.

As for the allocation of the Colo Pass, it is not automatic. In fact, parents of eligible children are required to apply in order to benefit. At the moment the system is up to date and the information is not very clear yet. But we already know that parents of eligible children will receive a letter. As for the application, it will be submitted online through a dedicated page that CAF will make available online soon. The first Pass Colo payments will begin during the summer of 2024.

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