A heat wave is expected this week with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees

After the recent bad weather that has affected France in recent days, more summer weather is expected at the end of the week with temperatures worthy of June or July.

Towards a heat wave with Foehn effects at the end of the week and next weekend, especially from the Pyrenees to the east, at the cost of persistent southerly winds… The thermal anomaly should be characterized by potentially intense heat (30°C? at the foot of the Pyrenees) and warm (25 °C), which could be exposed to hot air flow on the axis », the Keraunos observatory wrote on its X account. Despite the presence of clouds and occasional rain in certain areas of the country, the mercury begins to rise this Wednesday.

During the afternoon it will be up to 21 degrees in Montpellier and Perpignan. On Thursday, the mercury will rise by a few degrees, despite the expected unrest in the northern half of the country. During the day, expect up to 20 degrees in central France and up to 24 degrees in the extreme south-west. Mildness that will also be seen at night, with highs of 22 degrees expected in Biarritz. Friday will undeniably be one of the hottest days of the week, with temperatures expected to reach 26 degrees in Biarritz or even 27 degrees in Tarbes.

Summer weather in mid-April

In addition to the south, the heat will also reach the northern half, where temperatures can reach up to 24 degrees. On Saturday, apart from the sunshine, which will dominate in most regions, the heat will intensify. During the day it will be 22 degrees in Belfort, 23 degrees in Lille, Nancy and Metz, 24 degrees in Strasbourg and Lyon, 25 degrees in Jura and Belfort, 26 degrees in Grenoble and even 27 degrees in Chambéry and Clermont-Ferrand. . In Bourges, in Cher, the feeling could even reach 31 to 32 degrees.

After March, which was the 26th month in a row that exceeded average temperatures, April began with temperatures normally felt in the middle of summer. In some regions, temperatures are expected to be almost 15 degrees above seasonal norms by the end of the week. ” Hot rise Sahara scheduled for next Saturday will undoubtedly be remarkable “, indicated the meteorologist Guillaume Séchet. However, the mercury should drop from Monday, due to the arrival of a new disturbance.

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