ANS presents its first commitment as the French NRC during the SNOMED International trade meeting and SNOMED Expo in October 2023.

During this first official participation as the French NRC at the SNOMED international trade meeting, ANS took its place in the various governing bodies of the organization. During these days, we shared our experiences, exchanged best practices and discussed the challenges faced by many member countries.

The opening session was welcomed by Dr. Micky Tripathi, National Coordinator for Health Informatics at the US Department of Health and Human Services. He explained to us the role of ONC and presented actions to promote interoperability in the United States in health and care through access, exchange and use of data.

During this business meeting, the monthly meeting of the GPTF (working group bringing together Francophone countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland) took place in October. The common French translation of SNOMED CT now covers 39.3% of SNOMED CT concepts. A progress update was made with a review of the group’s activities: translations of concepts, training materials and documentation.

Some points of interest:

    • Work in progress SNOMED Int. on over 226,241 concepts to conform to modeling standards.
    • SNOMED Int. has announced several new features in its training offering, such as a 20-minute introductory tutorial in English and available without an account on the e-learning platform, as well as a future update to the Implementation course.

The business meeting was followed by SNOMED Expo 2023. This event brought together more than 550 participants from 40 different countries in 69 meetings and 20 e-posters. It was an opportunity to present the first steps of the French NRC. Recordings of these sessions are available in the SNOMED Int YouTube video list.

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