Flowering ground cover plants for a trendy garden this spring

It’s the season, all the gardeners are busy with exterior production the most pleasant possible in anticipation of summer. What else soothing than lounging in a blossoming place with delicious scents.

For flowering that lasts a long time, choose plant varieties carefully

AND successful garden is a set of different varieties that interact with each other harmony. It is entirely possible to make this space last in bloom for several months, depending on the plants you choose. Thanks to a good selection of species flowers follow each other over the course of months. When one it fadesother cover as if by magic. So the choice is crucial for the land of dreams From a long-term point of view.

Long time ago criticizedground cover plants only played a role Supporting Actor in a modern landscape. For a long time, they were considered old-fashioned and used as an emergency solution to cover unsightly beds, such as an embankment, the edge of a road or the base of a tree. However, they have many advantages: they are remarkable perennials AND undemanding. Today we rediscoverand their beauty AND their usefulness. This spring, it is therefore returning to the fore.

Discover long-blooming groundcovers for the fashionable spring garden

While many flowers are quite fragile, groundcovers do well in the conditions the hardest. Either it’s about stony soilvery places shaded or vice versa, there are those that adapt to every situation. Bressingham thyme, for example, does particularly well in broad daylighton the floor stilts and stony. It forms a very dense green carpet with magnificent purple flowers. A feast for the eyes, but also for the sense of smell. That little bit extra, the bees love it. In addition, delosperma growing in same conditions sunny as bressingham thyme. An oily plantfrost-resistant, with majestic flowers purple colorneeds light soil and well drained reach its size of around ten centimeters. Extreme cold won’t scare him if he’s cool protected winter rain.

If you prefer bright flower bed with yellow flowers, turn to the side Gazania. This plant will quickly cover large spaces. She blooms from May to Octoberbut he needs dry, drained soil. It is not afraid of drought and is very demanding water little. Be careful, plant each foot 20 to 30 centimeters apart. Still the same shade as Gazania St. John’s wort. Known as its medicinal benefitsis flourishing in sun to partial shade, is easy to grow if the soil is well drained. She is appreciated for it dark green leaves and oval shape and its flowering June to October. And if you want a little pink in your garden, plant pink wingtips. This herb finds its comfort in clayey and humus soil. For the exhibition it is the same as for St. John’s wort. And it blooms from July to October.

Other benefits, and last but not least, ground cover plants

If you haven’t already succumbed to these flowers, here are some other arguments. Perennial ground cover plants provide many benefits to the gardens. They help reduce the time and effort spent on skinning, making them a practical choice for busy gardeners.

In addition, they contribute to the conservation of biological diversity by providing habitat for small animals and beneficial insects. Finally, these plants add dimension aesthetic creation diverse and attractive plant landscape.

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