good news for borrowers this month of april!

At the beginning of April, real estate loan rates are again falling for all durations. This is the fourth decrease recorded in recent months. Much to the delight of borrowers, especially since the usurious rate is also increased for next quarter.

It is again a downward revision of real estate loan rates, which is evident at the beginning of April almost at all times. A new decline that confirms a slow but steady decline, synonymous with a great opportunity to hope for a market recovery. ” Over 20 years, we see a 5 basis point decline, for example from 3.89% at the beginning of March to 3.84%. ”, according to the broker Best rates. The decline appears to be across the board.

For first-time buyers with a good profile, there are rate reductions of 0.05% over 15 years, 0.04% over 20 years and 0.03% over 25 years. For excellent profiles (except first-time buyers), rate reductions of 0.10% over 15 years, 0.09% over 20 years and 0.06% over 25 years », Le also notes in the press release it cites Moneyvox.

In more detail, the average rates recorded in banks at the beginning of March are according to 3.85%. Borrowed3.73% for Best rates, 3.86% for Cafpi and 3.71% for Le Partenaire. Over a period of 20 years, it is 4% for Empruntis, 3.84% for Best rates, 3.95% for Cafpi and 3.84% for Le Partenaire. Over a period of 25 years, it is 4.15%. Borrowed3.95% for Best rates4.06% for Cafpi and finally 3.96% for Le Partenaire.

Towards a revival of real estate loans?

Currently, some brokers are reporting even better rates, reports Moneyvox which shows an average rate of 4%. Borrowed over 20 years, when the best files are awarded at 3.55% for the same period. In house Best rates, the best files benefit from a rate of 3.77% over 25 years, while the average rate offered over the same period is 3.95%. Still over the same 25-year period, Cafpi, which offers an average rate of 4.06%, awards its top profiles a rate of 3.77%.

The second detail that should encourage borrowers to implement their projects: ” the total interest rate above which the bank cannot lend now increases to 6.39% for loans of 20 years or more », the source shows. So these are encouraging signals for the recovery of the market. At least this is the broker’s rating. who discovers that ” in the 1st quarter of 2024, there was a sharp increase in housing rates and prices. We just hope that it will continue like this in the next one, so that the market will pick up again “.

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