government is considering taxing annuities, who will be affected?

The French economy is going through a difficult period. Growth forecasts have been revised downwards and deficit forecasts are rising. The government plans to take several measures to address the situation. In addition to savings plans, the issue of taxes is also back on the table.

Bruno Le Maire rejected the option to raise taxes. “This is not the right solution”, he said. Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, for his part, is not moving in the direction of raising taxes, but is considering the introduction of an annuity tax.

The head of the executive branch confirmed this possibility this Wednesday, April 3. He announced his desire to introduce ” until June » suggestions for ” taxation of annuities », aiming to “reduce the country’s debt” and achieve a “3% deficit” in 2027.

Gabriel Attal wants to close the ranks of the majority

I wanted to entrust a mission to our majority, a mission led by Jean-René Cazeneuve, our budget rapporteur, with a representative from each group of the majority », stated the Prime Minister, stating that the objective of this mission is ” submit proposals for taxation of annuities “.

What kind of income is Gabriel Attal aiming for? The Prime Minister did not comment on this topic. Faced with uncertainty, the measure could affect several categories, such as “large savers” with multiple land owners or even large investors. Other categories can also be targeted. Observers relate to holders of life insurance or Livret A accounts.

At this time, the decision and the people or entities concerned have not yet been made are not yet known. Additionally, the goal of this mission is to “ cut together “For” be free “but” to be on the attack » a “coordinated and coherent” way forward, explains the Prime Minister.

Gabriel Attal wanted to close the ranks of the majority, divided on several proposals to reduce the deficit, and wanted it to be fully “ United » to this work. The Prime Minister also announced that “a trajectory to reach 3% in 2027 », the government will give next week. ” At the end of June, like every year, we will discuss how we will get there, with income, and therefore also with the conclusions of this mission, but also with expenses and especially with structuring and intelligent economies. “, stated Gabriel Attal.

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