here is how much cabin baggage will cost you

Low-cost airlines are increasing their initiatives to ensure their profitability. This is the case with the Dutch company Transavia, which a few weeks ago decided to charge passengers for their cabin baggage. This decision takes effect this Wednesday, April 3.

The CEO of Transavia France indicated in early March that from now on “the only low price that still offers this service for free” make passengers pay. So the question arises as to what rates will apply to cabin baggage. In response to this question, the company explains that the amount to be paid varies depending on the destination chosen… and the date of booking.

In practice, every passenger always has the benefit of free hand luggage that can be placed under the seat in front of them (maximum dimensions: 40x30x20cm) for any booking with Transavia. However, customers wishing to travel with large cabin bags will need to subscribe to the new paid option.

For this variant, the traveler must respect the maximum dimensions of 55x35x25cm and must not exceed 10 kg. The price of this option for the month of April starts from 10 euros. However, these prices must vary according to the seasons. For the months of July and August, you need to pay at least 15 euros.

Transavia: prices depend on the time of booking

“With the exception of Dakar, Tel Aviv, Beirut and Yerevan, where prices may be higher, prices may decrease or increase depending on changes in demand,” explains Transavia. Furthermore, this company clarifies that its customers who chose the “MAX” tariff will continue to travel with hand luggage (40x30x20cm), large cabin baggage (55x35x25cm) and enjoy priority boarding.

It should be noted that the company specifies that for passengers who made a reservation before April 3, 2024, the terms and conditions of the purchase of the ticket remain valid for the trip. These customers who chose the BASIC, PLUS or MAX tariff can take one hand luggage with dimensions of 40x30x20 cm and one cabin luggage with dimensions of 55x35x25 cm free of charge. However, the total weight of this baggage must not exceed 10 kg. In short, whatever the date of the trip, nothing will change.

It should also be noted at this point that due to limited cabin space, only the first 70 pieces of cabin baggage can be carried on board. “Others will be carried in the cargo hold for free”explains Transvasa.

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