Livret A and life insurance will soon be subject to annuity taxation? Government response

To deal with the budget deficit, the government plans to take several measures. In addition to savings plans, the issue of taxes is back on the table through the taxation of annuities.

The Prime Minister announced his desire to introduce ” until June » suggestions for ” taxation of annuities “, in the following situations “get the country out of debt” and achieve “3% deficit” in 2027. However, he did not provide any information about the persons or entities affected by this tax.

This sparked speculation. According to analysts, this measure could affect several categories, e.g “big savers” multiple land owners or even large investors. Other categories can also be targeted. Analysts referred to holders of life insurance or Livret A accounts.

This information quickly prompted the leader to react. Government spokeswoman Prisca Thevenot denied information according to which Livret A and life insurance would be among the categories to be taxed, with the aim of limiting the amount of the public deficit and reaching the 3% target by 2027.

Livret A and life insurance are not affected by annuity taxation

Prisca Thevenot spoke at the end of the Council of Ministers. She wanted to do a “minute against fake news” to categorically deny any plans to tax the two French savings. ” No, we’re not talking about life insurance and A brochures “, she assured herself.

The government spokesman also confirmed that raising taxes and canceling APL is out of the question. It should be noted that prior to the minister’s intervention, Renaissance MP Nadia Hai responded to X to condemn the false information: ” No way! Savings returns are not targeted,” she wrote, while Gabriel Attal’s entourage confirmed that La Dépêche du Midi that “We won’t touch Booklet A or life insurance”.

It should be recalled that the decision on the taxation of annuities was announced by the Prime Minister. Following this declaration, this official, who wanted to close the ranks of the majority divided on several proposals to reduce the deficit, wanted it to be fully “ United » to this work.

The Prime Minister also announced that “a trajectory to reach 3% in 2027 », the government will give next week. ” At the end of June, like every year, we will discuss how we will get there, with income, and therefore also with the conclusions of this mission, but also with expenses and especially with structuring and intelligent economies. “, he declared.

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