“Many Doctors Retire”, Traveling Medical Practice to Launch in September 2024

The project was implemented thanks to the Territorial Professional Health Community and the Regional Health Agency of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

“Today there are 10% of the territory where patients do not have access to a doctor,” recalls Benoit Bourre, a general practitioner and co-founder of the start-up Hocoia, which designs medical buses. “Our mission is to bring health to the heart of the territory through this tool.” Already in operation in the Grand Est for preventive actions, the first medical bus was tested and inaugurated this Wednesday, April 3, for consultation purposes in Saint-Martin-de-Beauville in Lot-et-Garonne.

A characteristic feature of this bus is that you can have both a personal consultation with a doctor and a teleconsultation with the assistance of a nurse thanks to the technological environment (connected medical devices, satellite connection). Simply make an appointment online or by phone through the Hocoia website. “The goal is to create an entire territorial network in the territory with the Professional Territorial Health Community (CPTS), at the birth of this project,” explains Benoit Bourre.

Address the shortage of doctors in rural areas

“We know there’s not an overabundance of doctors coming to settle in the territory, while there will be a lot of retirements,” explains Alexia Labonne, CPTS coordinator, “so we’ve been looking for tools to address patient access issues. care.” The association applied to the call for proposals announced in December 2023 by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Nouvelle-Aquitaine with the proposal of the idea of ​​Hocoia buses, which they won.

“This allows for mobile consultations in rural areas, but also teleconsultation, which gives doctors medical time in their office and having a nurse accompany the patient.” Preventive actions will also be carried out from June, but the start of consultations will have to wait until September.

Nurses and doctors who want to participate in the project can contact the CPTS of Grand Agenais. “We will find ways to put you in touch with health professionals,” assures Alexia Labonne.

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