Private clinics and hospitals called for a “total strike” in June.

Private hospitals and clinics are calling for a “total strike” from June 3 to denounce the new 2024 prices, which they say will “endanger” them.

Private hospitals and clinics are being called for a “total strike” from June 3 to denounce the new 2024 prices, which they say “threaten” them, according to the Federation of Private Hospitals, which groups the facilities.

“The Federation of Private Hospitals (FHP) has decided, as an extraordinary executive committee, in conjunction with all private doctors’ unions, to respond to the shock caused” by the government’s 2024 price announcements with a “general strike”. “, except for vital activities such as dialysis, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the FHP said in a press release.

Services that “provide vital care” will not be stopped and the facility will exclude any activity that “could lead to a loss of opportunity,” FHP management was told.

Critical situation”

Last week, the government announced a 4.3% rise in public hospitals and the not-for-profit sector in 2024, but just 0.3% for private facilities. The FHP considers it “unacceptable not to provide the necessary funding to raise salaries in the private sector when this is provided to healthcare workers in all other settings”.

The decision, “unprecedentedly violent”, worsens an “already critical” situation as the costs of hospitals and clinics are “rising exponentially”, driven by inflation, she added. The share of private hospitals in the deficit, “rising from 25 to 40% between 2021 and 2023, will reach an alarming level of more than 60% in 2024 under these conditions.”

“Faced with a deplorable lack of transparency and consultation with the Ministerial Delegate responsible for health”, the FHP announces “to limit its interactions with the Ministry and Regional Health Agencies (ARS) to essential exchanges only”. She intends to “file every possible form of legal action at the national level and at every health facility to address this injustice,” she writes.

“The government must open its eyes”

Clinics have “no other solution but to go on strike,” federation president Lamine Gharbi was quoted as saying in a press release. “The government must open its eyes: by weakening private hospitalization, it weakens the entire health system.”

The strike call covers the entire private for-profit hospital sector, 1,030 facilities that employ more than 200,000 healthcare workers, including 40,000 private doctors, according to FHP figures.

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