Soon, new professionals registered in the RPPS directory

In March 2024, dietitians, occupational therapists, medical electroradiology technicians, psychomotor therapists and medical laboratory technicians will be included in the RPPS (Shared Directory of Professionals Involved in the Health System).

This “movement” of the profession to the RPPS occurs in accordance with the provisions of the Public Health Code and materializes an important step in the digital health plan, of which the RPPS forms the basis for the identification of professionals.

What will change for these professionals?

Professionals who already have an ADELI number will automatically be assigned an RPPS number. The ADELI department identifiers of the professionals concerned will then be out of date.

Newly qualified professionals will be assigned an RPPS number after registering with their regional health authority (ARS) through the new eRPPS registration portal operated by the ŘLP.

The reference contact remains the same: ARS

ARS remains the contact person responsible for the collection, verification, registration and updating of expert data based on information transmitted by experts through the eRPPS portal.

What are the benefits for the professionals concerned?

Once integrated into the RPPS directory, the professional will be able to perform their procedures online in case of a change of situation through the eRPPS portal.

The RPPS number (11 digits) is a national, unique and permanent identifier that a professional retains throughout their career. Unlike the ADELI number, the RPPS number remains unchanged regardless of the professional’s geographic mobility within the state.

Recording contact details (mobile number and email) in RPPS enables you to have e-CPS. Check out this page to learn more.

How to find out the RPPS number?

The RPPS number is listed in the health directory, which can be viewed at

The next step is the transition of the last professions to RPPS during 2024 : hearing aid specialists, chiropractors, epithetists, ophthalmologists, opticians-spectacle specialists, orthoprosthetics, orthopedic-orthotics, speech therapists, orthoptists, osteopaths, psychologists, psychotherapists, podorthotics and medical physicists.

This will mark the decommissioning of the ADELI Directory in favor of the RPPS.

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