The patient journey with digital, it works!

To make Ségur du digital’s contributions a reality, two real patient journeys took place in the Valenciennes region on February 5 and 6. The 2 courses included two medical facilities, a medical analytical laboratory, a pharmacy and a municipal office. The production and secure sharing of health data in My Health Space and with Secure Health Messaging (MSSanté) can be monitored and evaluated during treatment.

On February 5 and 6, the Agency for Digital Health (ANS), the Delegation of Digital Health (DNS) and the Territorial Professional Health Community (CPTS) of Grand Valenciennes associated with the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in the Regional Support Group for the Development of e-Health (GRADeS) of Hauts-de-France – Inéa, the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) and the Regional Union of Health Professionals (URPS) launched two routes for patients in collaboration with the Hospital Centers of Valenciennes and Denain. This initiative, a first at the national level in terms of real professional practice, was to start from the classic way of care, where the patient voluntarily signed up for different phases of care with different health professionals and health facilities that care for him. The aim was to point out the specific use of digital technologies in the healthcare sector managed by Ségurdigital.

Returning to these two paths.

Digital path 1: suspected ankle sprain
The patient went to the emergency department of Valenciennes Center Hospital (CH) for a suspected sprain. A display act is performed.

    • The National Health Identity (INS) has been qualified.
    • Once created, the imaging message was sent to the patient’s My Health Space. It was also sent to the attending physician by MSSanté, Dr. Jacques Franzoni, Co-President of CPTS Grand Valenciennes.

Dr Laurent Nicolas, Head of Imaging at Valenciennes Hospital: “We have set a goal to be 100% digital, but that requires it to be functional, stable, reliable and secure. We have this goal, and in order to achieve it, we still need to work on this dematerialization circuit to make it robust.”

Digital path 2: appendectomy
The patient suffers from abdominal pain, he consults with his attending physician, Dr. Jacques Franzoni, who prescribed an analgesic and a blood test to determine his nature. The analysis is carried out in the Biopath laboratory with biologist Elyse Verin. After receiving the results, the attending physician sends the patient to a medical facility for suspected appendicitis. Once the patient is at Denain CH, he is then operated on by Dr. Giovanni Vuilleminot. When he leaves, he goes to the Centrale de Raismes Claire Hellin pharmacy to get a prescription from his doctor and surgeon. To complete the course, the patient goes to the doctor for a check-up.

    • INS was qualified at each stage of treatment.
    • The Medical Summary Section (VSM), Digital Prescription, Biologics Prescription, Bioassay Report, Operative Report, Discharge Liaison Letter were created and sent to the patient’s My Health department. She sent everything to the MSSanté attending physician.

Dr Jacques Franzoni, General Practitioner: “Our profession has undergone many changes over the past year associated with Ségur digital, it is clear that the software is essential to facilitate certain uses of digital technologies in health.”
Cécile Bernard, IS Project Manager at Denain CH): “The SONS and SUN-ES devices gave the necessary impetus to the dynamics of Ségur in enterprises. Now we need to perpetuate the use of consultations and systematically send documents related to hospitalization to a shared medical folder in the My Health space. »
Margaux Taccoen, GRADES – Inéa: “The patient journey enables visions to be exceeded with indicators that address the operational aspects of digital deployment. It’s proof-of-use that demonstrates added value and encourages the desire to engage while measuring the rest that needs to be done. »

In January 2024 20 million documents have been uploaded to the My Health space health workers and through MSSanté, so many messages are exchanged per month.
During these two patient journeys, the developments carried out by the Ségur digital health system, which are INS, health data interoperability, health worker authentication, information systems security, providing a space for my health status and exchanges through MSSanté, could be observed in various business software of health professionals. The course made it possible to monitor data useful for patient care at any time during their course.

The restitution of the two courses was organized at the Valenciennes Hospital in the presence of the Director General Nicolas Salvi with all the health professionals involved, patient representatives and the Regional Council. In order to support the adoption of these new uses, the aim is to combine them into a complete and coherent course to demonstrate the utility and relevance to health professionals.

Healthcare professionals are finally recognizing that mastering these digital uses ensures and improves patient care while saving them time.

A similar process will take place on February 29 in Occitania.

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