The second year of the National Days of the Social and Health-Social Sector

The second year of the National Days dedicated to digital technologies in the social and medical-social sector

THE November 30 and December 1, 2023on the occasion the second year of the National Days dedicated to digital technologies for the social and medical-social sectorThe Delegation for Digital Health (DNS), the Agency for Digital Health (ANS), the National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy (CNSA), the Directorate General for Social Cohesion and the National Performance Agency for Health and Healthcare (Anap) mobilized all social and health-social stakeholders , to take a new step in the transformation of digital healthcare usage and practices in the sector.

Back to the most important thing

This second edition aimed to share an assessment of actions taken in this area and to identify ways to engage the entire ecosystem (publishers, devices and services, federations, regions, etc.) in Wave 2 of Digital Health Ségur. At the launch of these days, the Minister of Solidarity and Families, Aurore Bergé, welcomed the presence of all stakeholders: representatives of facilities, federations, project managers, departmental advisors, digital health companies, associations, professionals in the sector… demonstrating the collective commitment and understanding of the role of digital technology in the transformation procedures in the social and medical-social sector.

“Beautiful stories”, operational translations of the digital health plan, illustrate the innovations developed in this field.

Two days rich in exchanges and sharing in support of digital technologies in the medico-social sector!

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