The world of nature, gathered in Millau for the Partnership Days, is trying to reinvent itself

Faced with the many challenges ahead, tourism professionals from Occitan gathered in Millau for the Outdoor Activities Partnership Days.

Two days spent imagining the world of tomorrow. Nature and related activities affected in Occitania as elsewhere by the effects of global warming.

So much for the outdoor activity program Partner Days, which took place over two days in Millau under the auspices of com’com and the Regional Committee for Tourism (CRT). Two days to assess the forces present, the pitfalls to avoid and the paths to consider tomorrow’s offer in a context, especially the climate one, which we know is very uncertain.

Between round tables and workshops on such diverse topics as “invest sustainably in your territory”, “know how to communicate” or “innovate to last”participants from the four corners of Occitania could enrich the debate in the light of numerous testimonies.

To name just a few, Margaux Thierree, co-founder of MadJacques, specialist in adventure races, Jean-Michel Chopin, president of Volvic Volcanic Expérience, Pierre-François Adam, head of innovation and foresight of bars at Mountain Cluster or Guy Pourcho, head of the Grimp National Training Center. All sponsored by the 2021 World Windsurfing Champion Marion Mortefon and moderated by Serge More, an athlete passionate about mountain running and incidentally the editor-in-chief of the magazine. Spiritual path.

Adaptation required

AND brainstorming a giant for understanding changes in both leisure consumer habits and the more worrisome climate change. Tourism providers also refuse to be contributors. Today, tourism accounts for 11% of France’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Agency for Ecological Transformation (Ademe).

“What I remember from these two days is the need to build a network on a territorial scale.” confirms Marc Farré, deputy director at CRT. It is also essential for all tourism stakeholders to be part of the transition and continuous innovation as there are challenges and future challenges. Lack of water, lack of snow, extreme weather conditions… Tomorrow, as we know, will be a bit more complicated!”

Emmanuelle Gazel says nothing else when she is about to close the sequence while waiting, who knows, to host a new edition next year.“We are at the heart of a certain number of transitions. Indeed, there are economic models, development models that need to be renewed, reviewed, reinvented. And because we are always smarter together, it is useful to carry out these considerations together. With professionals, entrepreneurs, project managers, elected officials. .. This way we will resist better.

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