Uncertainty, lack of doctors, waste… the outgoing mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit takes stock in the campaign

The mayor of Pont-saint-Esprit Claire Lapeyronie and her first deputy Daniel Mouchetant, candidates for the Pont d’abord candidate for the early municipal elections held on April 28 and May 5, recalled on Wednesday, April 3, the various projects implemented by their municipality. team to address various security-related topics.

After presenting her manifesto for the municipal elections on Saturday 31 March, Mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit and candidate for re-election Claire Lapeyronie invited journalists on Wednesday 3 April, along with Daniel Mouchetant, her first deputy in charge of security also joined the race of the short election campaign (the first round of early municipal elections takes place on 28 “security in the broadest sense of the wordA broad topic that allows us to deal with sensitive topics that concern citizens: delinquency, climate, health and waste.

Security cameras

“There is a sense of insecurity among the Spiripontains, though the characters in Pontus are good.”” assured the candidate from the Pont d’abord list. A candidate, but still elected.”I have been mayor for six years and my team and I are taking strong measures to ensure security“. And to mention the new gendarmerie barracks, the increased presence of the municipal police on site, the strengthening of video security… “The city of Pont-Saint-Esprit has 51 cameras, we will add two sensitive points” explains Daniel Mouchetant. Another system needs to be developed: citizen participation,”we want to place references in sectors where there are none.”

With the hiring of two more ASVPs (public road guards) this year – in addition to the four existing ones, twelve city police officers and five officers from the environmental brigade – “We want to strengthen the local municipal policeClaire Lapeyronie pointed out.

Pursuant “the dangers of the climate“, the mayor of the city of Pont-Saint-Esprit announced work on the drainage or restoration of public spaces to combat heat islands and “set up a cooling room in every school“.

Doctors employed by the county

Another day-to-day problem for those being administered is the shortage of doctors in Pont-Saint-Esprit – there is only one left – which translates into “health uncertainty“. With her “region cap”, Claire Lapeyronie “he is working to create a health center at the future health center of the hospital, where doctors will be employed by the region” the end of 2025.

Incentive fee

The mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit and first vice-president of the Gard Rhone agglomeration ended her presentation of the municipality’s event and its projects, leading the list with the question of waste collection and the incentive fee, a point on which she did not puzzle. her words. “People in Spiripont are angry and so am I. The idea of ​​an incentive fee is laudable, but in reality it does not work in the old center! There is three times more waste to be collected than before (…) the city must take its share of responsibility, I will give it three months!”

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