A cruise off the coast of Africa turns into a nightmare: late on a layover, eight tourists see their ship leave without them

The holiday of eight tourists turned into a nightmare. While they were stopping at the island, their ship left without them. Since then they have been trying to catch up with him in hopes of getting him back on board.

They may regret those few minutes of delay for a long time. On a cruise between Cape Town (South Africa) and Barcelona, ​​eight tourists used a stopover to embark on an excursion to explore the island of St. Thomas on March 27. The problem: their ship, Norwegian Dawn he left without them.

According to the statement of one of the latecomers, Jay Campbell, to the American media WRAL News, a problem that arose during the visit delayed them. The captain was informed and the passengers thought they had arrived in time when they saw the Norwegian Cruise Line ship: it was no longer docked, but still in port. According to WRAL, the captain simply refused to let them board despite the Coast Guard’s efforts.

The cruise line said in a statement that it held them responsible for their delay. So a conscious decision was made to leave them on the island. Although their passports were entrusted to the port authorities, they still found themselves without money, without luggage and without medicine, with a pregnant woman and a paraplegic among the group. One of them, deprived of heart treatment for 5 days, is said to have fallen ill.

Since then, the eight unfortunates tried their best to catch up with the ship, all at their own expense, of course. Two of them said they had already spent more than $5,000. Within days, they crossed several African countries to try to re-embark in Banjul, Gambia. But as luck eluded them, the weather conditions did not allow the steamer to dock. The latest news was that they were to try their luck again on Monday at the Dakar…

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