Birth day at the Villeneuvois health center: a year after a period of turbulence, motherhood in full swing

Lot Valley Hospital’s Women-Child Center is holding a day dedicated to childbirth and early childhood in a wider sense this Saturday, April 6. In 2023, 600 babies will be born at the maternity ward in Villeneuve-sur-Lot.

To enter the maternity ward, you must follow the stickers in the shape of legs stuck on the floor of the 1st floor. “When it’s urgent for mothers, it’s very useful so they don’t get lost,” smiles Magali Ambal, midwife coordinator at the Center for Women and Children in Villeneuve-sur-Lot. The colors and patterns that flow through the doors of the hospital’s south wing adorn the immaculate walls. The maternity ward of the health center in Villeneuvois has managed to develop its own identity over the years. “When creating PSV plans (10 years ago), we participated in the construction of this work tool,” recalls the coordinating midwife. A cocoon for future parents that has proven itself and that has been going pretty dynamically since the beginning of the year.

Two new gynecologists

We are a long way from the turbulent period of a year ago. In March 2023, elected officials and unions came out in defense of the Health Center’s maternity ward, which had to be stripped of its pediatrician to boost Agen – a 2B classification, and thus a priority on the ward. For the team led by Magali Ambal, the support was gratifying, even though the activity was not actually in jeopardy due to the birth. “We have moved away from the logic of competition and towards cooperation,” welcomes PSV boss Bruno Chauvin. Today, the medical team is stabilized and even “thriving”, two obstetrician-gynecologists joined in May and June. “We also have four full-time pediatricians and an optimal anesthesiology department. The team is well assembled,” continues the director of the Health Center.

Magali Ambal has to coordinate this women and children center service where 50 people are involved in its proper execution. Midwives, childcare assistants, nurses, all contribute to the well-being of babies and mothers. “There is real solidarity, closeness. The mothers finally know our first names,” says the “big boss” of the maternity hospital in Villeneuve. Christmas and Mother’s Day boxes to bring a little balm to the hearts of those in hospital at this time, but the team also volunteer to come up with innovative solutions. This weekend special operation is just a continuation of all the work that has been done in this women’s and children’s center for years.

A day to talk about “everything we never dared to address”

This Birthday, held on Saturday, April 6 from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., will be divided into two parts. The first will take place in the lobby of the Health Center, focused on welcoming parents, information on education, prevention and well-being. Several partners will be present, such as CAF, Social Security, Mother and Child Protection and the Greater Villeneuvois agglomeration, which manages the nurseries in the area. There will also be associations such as Reading and making people read, The family is growing, 1,000 bubbles, Dreaming of sick children (Frem) or even Au fil des Séounes, where all possible topics will be discussed. “Parents-to-be will be able to exchange, discover and talk about everything that we never dared to talk about,” say the organizers.

After that, visiting groups will be formed to see the maternity ward and the equipment. The delivery rooms, the bedroom, the physio room – which involves giving birth in a very non-medical way, under the supervision of a midwife – participants will find out “how it’s done”. Again, all subjects will be covered here. Ditto for mothers-to-be… as for fathers-to-be. “There is a new generation of fathers who are very involved,” assures Magali Ambal. “We are even thinking of organizing ‘Dad Cafes’ so they can discuss this topic.”

The great dynamism does not end there, because the next level is the acquisition of THQSE, a designation of very high health, social and environmental quality. This is a good sign for the approximately 600 newborns who pass through the walls of the Villeneuvois health center maternity ward each year.

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