CONVERSATION. LGV Bordeaux-Toulouse: “We can get two years in the calendar,” assures Carole Delga

Carole Delga, Socialist president of the Occitanie region, says she is confident of the timetable for the completion of work on the Toulouse-Bordeaux LGV and believes it is finally becoming a “reality”. Conversation.

What do you think of the strong support of the French for the LGV project?

I had no doubt about it. There are high expectations on the ground and in this logic 80% of our fellow citizens approve the implementation of this project. The isolation of the great Southwest is seen as an injustice. The French, like our Spanish neighbors, want a solution. The train is an increasingly popular eco-friendly mode of transport and the TGV remains a great French success. Wherever it can go, it offers the best carbon-free alternative to connect our territories, our businesses, our universities, etc. It will bring us closer to Paris, Brussels, but also Bordeaux, Bilbao and Madrid. The new line also means more daily trains. These new railways will allow the regions on both sides of the Pyrenees to facilitate their trade. It is part of building Europe.

Do you think the LGV will encourage more people to take the train?

When there is an offer and prices, our fellow citizens clearly choose the train. That’s the point of my policy in Occitania: attendance there has increased by 58%, a national record. And French TERs are the most used in Europe. If you give yourself the means, it works. This new Toulouse-Bordeaux-Dax series is crucial. Locally, this will free up tracks on the current line, which is now saturated to Montauban and Agen, and thus further increase the frequency of our daily trains. This is the condition sine qua non for the establishment of the RER north of Toulouse and for the green transformation of mobility.

Are you sure of the schedule for completing the work?

After so many years of fighting, rapprochement, persuasion, the work started last month! LGV Toulouse-Bordeaux is becoming a reality. And I say we can cross two more years off the calendar. You know my determination: my target remains 2030. We are working with GPSO to accelerate everything that can be done in relation to the 2032 commissioning target set by the Prime Minister. The European Union must help us. This is the purpose of my trip to Brussels today: the new European railway agreement, which I have supported for years.

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