Opening of the thematic exhibition “Abstrakt” at the Pilier-Rouge World Patronage in Brest on 10.

In Brest, La Roulotte, the cultural sector of the Secular Patronage of Pilier-Rouge (PLPR) since 2004, is interwoven with an exhibition every month. The theme of the month is “Abstract” and will be opened on Wednesday, April 10, 2024 with the works of three artists: Marie Roignant (patchwork), Jean-Pierre Moreau (mixed media) and his son Guillaume. (drawings).

An exhibition about “Abstract”, but not only that

Indeed, if some works represent a distortion of reality, which is one of the characteristics of abstract art, the artists do it in moderation, offering beautiful works that are almost decipherable, and there is a real harmony in this exhibition.

Brestoise Marie Roignant, a fan of the American patchwork star Gwen Marston, presents large works whose pieces of fabric are applied and sewn together with a sewing machine: “My work is improvised: I have the fabric and I come to the project,” she explains. .

Jean-Pierre Moreau, a retired art teacher, dressed the windows and walls with transparent curtains, where he applied harmonious colors: jellyfish, “droplets”. His son Guillaume offers drawings with eye-pleasing shapes that evolve in density “according to the emotion of the moment,” says the artist.


At PLPR, 2, rue de Fleurus, the opening of the exhibition “Abstrakt”, on Wednesday, April 10 at 6 p.m.

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