Paris 2024 Olympics: “It had to happen in front of Mr. President…” Diver Alexis Jandard looks back on his already legendary fall

Alexis Jandard, the victim of a fall during the opening ceremony of the aquatics center for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, is causing a stir on social media, especially since Emmanuel Macron was present. RMC Sport gathered his reaction.

More fear than harm for Alexis Jandard. Despite being the main actor at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Aquatics Center this Thursday, the 26-year-old diver’s fall into the water has already made the rounds on social media in the past few hours. He explained it in the columns of RMC Sport.

French diving team member Alexis Jandard talks about a “little problem” and his family’s fear of him falling. “They were very scared at the beginning because the games are in three months and it would be a shame to get injured now,” he continues, reassuring his health.

“I’m still back on the board over there”

“I hadn’t been in good shape for an hour. I came to a foothold and my foot fell out. I didn’t slip or anything. Then I fell on the board. It’s non-slip and the board was new, great, and I think I’m still on my back there ,” says the 2022 world team runner-up to explain this funny scene.

While he assures that the incident won’t stop him from “performing and participating in the Olympics,” the backup cop is still a little upset about the timing. “It had to happen in front of Mr. President and in front of all of France,” he laughs. “I continued the show with a bloody back,” confides Alexis Jandard, adding that he even got a call from the Minister of Sports.

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