Pierre Palmade’s accident: “I will never be able to forgive”, “he has no value for me…” One of his victims testifies

More than a year after the tragic accident, the victims of Pierre Palmade remain traumatized. One of them, Yuksel Yakut, spoke in an exclusive interview for a Belgian TV channel. And for those who have seen their lives turned upside down, the resentment is strong.

On February 10, 2023, Pierre Palmade drove into a vehicle under the influence of cocaine. Three people on board: a pregnant woman, her brother-in-law and her child. A few hours later, the woman lost her child.

Yuksel Yakut’s brother-in-law will remain in hospital recovering for five months before he can return home. He spoke this Tuesday, April 2, in an exclusive interview on the Belgian channel RTL tvi. More than a year after the events, a devastated and fatalistic man appeared in front of the cameras: “I had a good life before. Now it’s catastrophic.”

Barely in recovery, when he came across videos of the comedian in a nightclub, his exasperation grew: “When I saw him partying in a nightclub, I thought about everything he did to Mila, my child and me.” Enough to make the victim’s resentment grow: “I will never be able to forgive Perr Palmade. He may be a great French actor, but he has no value to me.” It must be said that Yuksel Yakut paid a high price for this accident: several days in a coma, almost fifty screws in his body, already seven operations…

So, for those close to him, the actor – still awaiting his court date – can be seen having fun, having fun: “He has no shame in ruining my uncle’s life by going to a nightclub to have fun,” said Yuksela Yakuta’s nephew. .

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