Plant this fast-growing shrub for a hidden summer in the garden

Looking for a green boost for your garden? Fast growing evergreen shrubs are the answer! With them, you get year-round greenery, and what’s more, they grow at a high speed and will turn your outdoor space into a real green haven in the blink of an eye. Whether you’re a fan of evergreens or deciduous plants, here are some suggestions for choosing the perfect shrubs to liven up your garden.

A shrub that grows at high speed in your garden

What versatility for these bushes! Often reduced to the role of a disciplined hedge, they have much more to offer. Freed from their repeated pruning, these plants present a freer appearance and yield a natural decorative touch and alive. Their presence in a flower bed illuminates gardens all year round and gives them an elegant structure, even when winter sets in.

Their flowering, left untouched, crowns it all. In isolation or in a pot on the terrace, these fast growing shrubs and evergreens are real gems for any gardener looking for aesthetics and practicality.

An aesthetic shrub that is easy to maintain

When we talk about laurels, we should not be mistaken, because this term unites a whole range of plants that are not necessarily of the botanical genus Laurus. Take for example Portuguese laurel (Prunus lusitanica): with its naturally conical appearance and evergreen foliage, it will not go unnoticed in the garden. Its green appearance throughout the year and its delicately scented flowers make it a real gem for gardeners.

THE Portuguese laurel, or Prunus lusitanica for short, presents itself as the ultimate savior to fill the gaps between your shrubs. With his dense foliage, its red-tinged wood and dark green leaves that glow brightly will give your garden an effortlessly sophisticated look. Not to mention his perfectly balanced shape which all the time gives the impression of an impeccably maintained garden.

A shrub that will be appreciated by gardeners and pollinators

The icing on the cake, its clusters White flowers attract bees and other pollinators. This versatile shrub it doesn’t care about sun or shade, it thrives everywhere. So if you are looking for this green ally, go to your local nursery, ask for Prunus lusitanica, you will not be disappointed.

Another option? L’eleagnus, a must have among fast-growing evergreen shrubs, seduces with its often striking foliage, whether variegated or silver, providing a dazzling luminosity. Thanks to its density and many shapes, it adapts to different roles, from a uniform hedge to an isolated tree. Her discreet flowering emits a sweet scent appreciated by pollinators. Its robustness is almost legendary, resistant to drought, cold, disease, wind and pollution, making it the preferred choice for hedges. Eleagnus has only one enemy: moist and compact soils which stagnate, so it thrives in a well-drained environment.

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