Saint-Affrique hospital: a rag is burning between unions and management

Since last weekend, eight banners have been hanging on the gates of the Émile-Borel hospital center in Saint-Affrique on the initiative of the inter-union CGT, CFDT and Sud Santé. If the collective did not want to comment until today, only the CGT agreed to present its demands. “The entire management rejects social dialogueregrets Régine Sauveplane, nurse and secretary of the CGT. It does not provide us with all the information necessary for the proceedings of the bodies in which we participate.”

Sophie Tort, deputy director of the Saint-Affrique hospital, does not understand these comments. “Instances are organized to provide the documents necessary to understand the files.”

On March 7, a meeting regarding working conditions took place. “The unions said they didn’t want to participate, and others that followed, citing management not answering their questions.”notes Sophie Tort again. We called the meeting again and the union didn’t come.”

Regarding the operating theatre, which the CGT also deals with, the director states that it is working. “The air flow does not guarantee the level of hygiene required for certain operations in room number two. The cost of the works varies from 400,000 euros to 1.2 million euros. In the preliminary budget presented by the ARS, these costs were included. They await the return.” Another observation, “there are bed capsexplains Régine Sauveplane. Agents are moved here and there every day, depending on the needs.” From March 28, according to the director of the hospital “closed 10 beds out of 22 in the short-term medicine department due to lack of doctors. 10 beds out of 30 are still open in the medical care and rehabilitation department as of summer 2023. Still due to lack of doctors.”

He organizes the leadership for the CGT “the movement of medical and medical personnel towards Millau to undress Saint-Affrique. In recent weeks, everything is speeding up, unlike the medical project in South Aveyron, on which it is written in black and white that neither in Saint-Affrique nor in Millau , until the opening of the joint hospital”. For the director, the joint hospital project is accelerating. “This is a requirement of the ARS and the Ministry of Health. The only way out is to group medical, surgical and obstetrical activities into one facility in order to increase attractiveness. The Regional Investment Commission has confirmed the project, but savings must be sought. The project must be fine-tuned.”

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