Social and medico-social sector strike: ‘We are being taken away from the heart of work, people come second’

Lack of resources, half-staffed recruitment, burnout… The social and medical-social professions went on strike this Thursday to denounce worsening working conditions.

The profession is suffering. Social workers, educators, family assistants… Around forty professionals gathered in front of the council of the department in Cahors, while around thirty marched in Figeac this Thursday afternoon to denounce their working conditions in these professions. Following a national call, social workers, health-social workers and early childhood workers were invited to strike on April 4. In Cahors, the demonstrators, led by the collective “Les Truffes du social” and the CGT, had a picnic in front of the entrance of the council of the department, allowing them to meet and discuss the vision of their profession. they waved their banner at the Regourd roundabout. They also requested an audience with the community president, Serge Rigal, who was not available that day.

More and more burnout

“The situation is getting worse day by day, we are experiencing a social crisis. We are not being heard, we do not have a concrete answer on how to respond to current problems,” declares Lucie Lagane, a member of the “Les Truffes du social” collective. Social Worker. “We have a lot of difficulty with recruitment, it’s an endless race, they’re taking away resources, we have more and more paperwork that doesn’t match our needs. There’s too much bureaucracy,” adds David Pelissonier, an educator. “The child protection sector is in a very critical situation, we lack resources, there are no other experts, we have difficulties with recruitment. There is more and more burnout,” explains Lucie Lagane, some children who are placed in foster families because of their difficult background, do not have access to the educator behind, it is extremely problematic.

“People take second place”

“There are a lot of departures, a lot of turnover,” says the teacher. “We are moving away from the heart of work, people come second. There are fewer and fewer resources, numbers and finances come first,” adds his colleague, “they tell us about inclusion, but without resources.” It is impossible. Even for children, it can be violent.” Protesters also condemn the invisibility of their profession and the lack of promotion of this profession.

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