storm “Kathleen” arrives in France

After Depression “Nelson” swept through France at the end of March, the country is preparing for another storm, which meteorologists have named “Kathleen”. But unlike last month’s, this new upset will send the mercury soaring.

From this Thursday evening, April 4, 2024, a warm upwelling from the Sahara will begin to invade France. The temperature of this air mass will be exceptionally high for the season, certainly hitting records on Saturday April 6th in early April “, he informed Yann Amice, meteorologist. Storm “Kathleen” is expected to hit France hard from north to south this weekend. This disturbance should reach its peak on Saturday.

This new disturbance is therefore expected to cause very strong winds in the British Isles with gusts of up to 140 km/h. In France, the wind will be much less violent. However, gusts could reach 80 km/h on the English Channel coast. In addition to strong winds, Storm Kathleen will bring a significant air mass from Africa to France. A phenomenon that will affect temperatures in most of the country.

From Friday, the mercury will rise significantly and reach values ​​worthy of a summer month. On Friday, it will be 24 degrees in Bourges, 26 degrees in Allier and up to 28 degrees in Tarbes in the southwest. But during the day on Saturday, the air mass coming from the continent will be felt the most in France. During the day, it will be 24 degrees in Paris, Strasbourg and Strasbourg, 25 degrees in Limoges and Tours, 26 degrees in Savoy and up to 29 degrees in Tarbes and Biarritz. In Bourges, in Cher, the thermometer could even reach 31 degrees.

Sand rising from the Sahara towards France

In addition to an exceptional increase in temperatures, this new disturbance will also bring dust particles (sand) from the Sahara in North Africa to France. As a result, fine particulate pollution levels are expected to increase in several regions of the country.

With the high pressures that will settle over central Europe and the low pressures that will be on the Atlantic side, the southerly flow will therefore be favoured. This explains the exceptional conditions expected across France this weekend.

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