The inter-union of the health sector is mobilizing against the establishment of a “meritorious salary”.

The proposed reform of the collective agreement in the private health sector is strongly contested by the CGT-FO-Sud inter-union association, which organized a demonstration in Albi this Thursday.

“Dangerous” reform. Following a nationwide strike call in the private health and medical-social sectors, the CGT-FO-Sud inter-union organized a rally in front of the prefecture of Albi this Thursday. The reasons for the nursing staff’s anger: a project to revise their collective agreement, which would introduce “merit pay”, “customer-led”, in the words of unionists.

“The usual elements of career development, such as a diploma or seniority, can be challenged less than by objective criteria that will depend on managerial choices,” condemns Arnaud Sabathier, representative of CGT Santé 81.

The protesters are also demanding an extension of the bonus payment of 183 euros to branch employees who will not receive it. These wage and working conditions form the basis of the employees’ demands for a new negotiation of the collective agreement.

“We are experiencing an increasing disconnection of management from the field, which leads to the deterioration of care,” criticizes this employee of a facility for disabled children. “They would like us to work like an industry, but we care about human lives, not objects.”

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