‘We have completely rotten working conditions’: angry social and medical-social workers take to the streets in Auch

Higher wages, better working conditions… Social and health-social workers took to the streets of Auchu this Thursday, April 4, to express their annoyance.

A week of social protests continues in Gers. After Tuesday’s teachers – against the “clash of knowledge” – and postal workers, it was the turn of social workers and health-social workers to take to the streets to make their voices heard.

At the call of the CGT and SUD unions, almost 150 of them gathered in front of the square in front of the Sainte-Marie Cathedral in Auch during the lunch break this Thursday, April 4.

“It does not create a profession”

“We are very worried about what is happening…” confides Marie-Aline Dejoux. After a career as a teacher, she made a professional change 6 years ago and became a specialized educator. But at what cost? “There is a deterioration in the health-social sector, which is worrying in terms of salaries,” notes Marie-Aline Dejoux, a member of the SUD Santé-Sociaux union.

Gérôme Guillot, educational instructor at the center of Roquetaillade, holding a smoke machine.

The question of remuneration of social and health-social agents was on everyone’s lips yesterday. “We are paid below the minimum wage and there is a supplement that brings us back there. In 15 years we have lost a lot of purchasing power… If we tell someone that after 15 years they will stay on the minimum wage, it is clear that they are not creating a profession”, says Gérôme Guillot, instructor instructor and general secretary of the CGT Roquetaillade union.

“Everyone knows that we have completely rotten working conditions, that we have complicated schedules, that we are paid abominably, that we have a lot of responsibilities…” adds Isabelle Derive, nurse and member of SUD CT 32.

“There is a huge shortage of places in the structures”

Another central demand raised this Thursday at the Place de la République: improving working conditions and supporting people in care. “There is a huge lack of places in the structures of the department, which means that we have had difficulty accepting people with disabilities,” emphasizes Gérôme Guillot. We demand the opening of places in the establishments and the opening of the establishments.’

The error “mass retirements, training problem, resignations because the sector is exhausted…” points out Marie-Aline Dejoux.

This Thursday, social and health-social workers also took to the streets for those who had been forgotten about the Ségur health bonus.

The strikers took to the streets even for the forgotten Ségur bonus.

Around 2:30 p.m., the union delegation walked the few tens of meters that separate the Place de la République from the prefecture to meet the prefect’s chief of staff, Julie David, and the director of ARS 32, Didier-Pierre Florentin.

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