what this means for private sector employees

While it is currently at 3 days, the number of waiting days in the private sector could increase. Private sector workers could therefore be penalized to save money on government spending.

According to data from the public prosecutor’s office, daily allowances cost the state 16 billion euros in 2022. And this number is constantly increasing, by an average of 6%. Therefore, to reduce government spending, the executive addressed the issue of waiting times for employees in the private sector. Currently, the worker does not receive any compensation during the first three days of sick leave. The executive wants to increase this number of days to five, six, even seven days.

We have too many occupational accidents, too many French people die at work », the Prime Minister declared at the end of March. To deal with this, the head of government announced “ great initiative », “connects all partners, social partners, elected officials, parliamentarians According to information from April 20, this meeting, which should address the issue of the lack of private sector employees, should take place. Gallery.

We remind you that during periods of incapacity for work, social security takes care of the payment of compensation beyond the waiting period. These contributions represent half of the daily wage that the worker receives. However, this amount may not exceed 52.28 euros. When it comes to the waiting period, it is the employers as well as the companies’ mutual insurance companies who are responsible for workers’ compensation (if there is any). It is obvious that the measure to increase the number of waiting days is not perceived very favorably by employers.

Towards the introduction of “public order” waiting days?

The solution put forward by the latter was the establishment of “public order” waiting days. Private sector workers would apparently receive no compensation these days, allowing Social Security and businesses to make savings.

This hypothesis is also being considered by the executive. Such a decision would bring private sector workers closer to public sector workers who have an uncompensated waiting day each time they are on sick leave.

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