What Majors and Programs Does Texas A&M University Commerce Offer?

Texas A&M University Commerce provides a wide array of academic programs. These programs cater to diverse interests and career goals.

Undergraduate Programs

Texas A&M University Commerce offers numerous undergraduate programs. Students can choose from a variety of majors across different fields.

Business Administration

The Business Administration program is highly popular. Students gain a strong foundation in business principles. Courses cover finance, marketing, management, and more.


The Education program prepares future educators. Students can specialize in areas like early childhood, elementary, or secondary education. Practical teaching experience is a key component.

Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences offer diverse options. Majors include biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Humanities options include history, literature, and philosophy.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering programs are designed for innovation. Majors include electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering. Technology programs cover areas like computer science and information systems.

Graduate Programs

Graduate programs at Texas A&M University Commerce provide advanced education. These programs help students achieve higher-level expertise.

Master’s Degrees

The university offers various master’s degrees. These include MBA, MS in Counseling, and MA in English. Programs combine advanced coursework with research opportunities.

Doctoral Programs

Doctoral programs provide the highest level of education. PhD options include educational leadership and psychology. These programs involve extensive research and dissertation work.

Professional Certifications

Professional certifications enhance career prospects. Certifications are available in areas like education, business, and healthcare. These programs focus on specific skills and knowledge.

Online Programs

Texas A&M University Commerce offers online programs. These programs provide flexibility for working professionals and distant learners.

Undergraduate Online Programs

Online bachelor’s degrees are available. Programs include business administration, criminal justice, and applied arts and sciences. Online learning allows students to balance studies with other commitments.

Graduate Online Programs

Graduate programs are also available online. These include the MBA, MS in Organizational Leadership, and MA in English. Online programs maintain the same rigor as on-campus programs.

Continuing Education

Continuing education programs are designed for lifelong learners. These programs help professionals update skills and knowledge.

Professional Development Courses

Professional development courses cover various topics. These include leadership, project management, and communication. Courses are designed to meet industry standards and trends.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs offer specialized training. Areas include cybersecurity, human resources, and digital marketing. These programs enhance career opportunities and skills.

Special Programs

Texas A&M University Commerce offers special programs. These cater to unique student needs and interests.

Honors Program

The Honors Program provides an enriched academic experience. Students engage in advanced coursework and research projects. The program fosters intellectual growth and leadership skills.

Study Abroad

Study abroad programs offer global learning experiences. Students can study in various countries. These programs enhance cultural understanding and academic knowledge.

Internships and Co-ops

Internships and co-ops provide practical experience. Students gain hands-on skills in their field of study. These opportunities enhance employability and professional development.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Interdisciplinary programs combine multiple fields. These programs offer a broad educational perspective.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science integrates biology, chemistry, and geology. Students study environmental issues and solutions. The program prepares students for careers in environmental management.

International Studies

International Studies covers global politics, economics, and cultures. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of international affairs. The program prepares students for careers in diplomacy and global business.

Data Science

Data Science combines computer science, statistics, and business. Students learn data analysis, machine learning, and big data management. The program prepares students for careers in technology and data-driven industries.

Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services programs focus on improving lives. These programs prepare students for careers in healthcare and social services.


The Nursing program trains future nurses. Students gain clinical skills and knowledge. The program includes practical experience in healthcare settings.

Social Work

Social Work programs prepare students for helping professions. Students learn about social justice, advocacy, and community service. The program includes fieldwork experience.

Kinesiology and Sports Studies

Kinesiology and Sports Studies cover physical health and fitness. Students study human movement, exercise science, and sports management. The program prepares students for careers in health and fitness industries.

Arts and Media

Arts and Media programs nurture creativity. These programs prepare students for careers in the arts and media industries.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts programs cover drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students develop artistic skills and creativity. The program includes studio work and art history.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts programs include music, theater, and dance. Students gain performance skills and experience. The program includes concerts, plays, and recitals.

Media and Communication

Media and Communication programs cover journalism, broadcasting, and public relations. Students learn about media production and communication strategies. The program prepares students for careers in media and communications.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Agriculture and Natural Resources programs focus on sustainable practices. These programs prepare students for careers in agriculture and environmental management.


Agribusiness programs cover farm management, agricultural marketing, and policy. Students gain knowledge of the agricultural industry. The program includes practical experience in agribusiness.

Wildlife and Conservation

Wildlife and Conservation programs focus on preserving natural resources. Students study wildlife biology, ecology, and conservation strategies. The program prepares students for careers in wildlife management and conservation.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture programs cover organic farming, crop production, and soil science. Students learn sustainable farming practices. The program includes hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture.

Public Administration and Policy

Public Administration and Policy programs prepare students for public service. These programs focus on government, policy, and administration.

Public Administration

Public Administration programs cover government operations, public policy, and management. Students learn about policy analysis and implementation. The program prepares students for careers in public service.

Public Policy

Public Policy programs focus on policy development and analysis. Students study economics, law, and political science. The program prepares students for careers in policy-making and analysis.

Business and Economics

Business and Economics programs prepare students for the corporate world. These programs cover various aspects of business and economic theory.


Accounting programs cover financial reporting, auditing, and taxation. Students gain skills in financial analysis and management. The program prepares students for careers in accounting and finance.


Finance programs focus on investment, banking, and financial planning. Students learn about financial markets and institutions. The program prepares students for careers in finance.


Marketing programs cover consumer behavior, advertising, and digital marketing. Students gain skills in market research and strategy. The program prepares students for careers in marketing and sales.


1. What undergraduate programs are offered at Texas A&M University Commerce? A: Texas A&M University Commerce offers programs in business administration, education, arts and sciences, engineering, and technology.

2. Are there online programs available at Texas A&M University Commerce? A: Yes, the university offers online undergraduate and graduate programs, including business administration and organizational leadership.

3. What special programs are available at Texas A&M University Commerce? A: The university offers special programs like the Honors Program, study abroad opportunities, and internships and co-ops.

4. What health-related programs does Texas A&M University Commerce offer? A: Health-related programs include nursing, social work, and kinesiology and sports studies.

5. How can I learn more about the majors and programs at Texas A&M University Commerce? A: For more information, visit the official website of Texas A&M University Commerce.

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