The crystal reveals never-before-seen quantum secrets

Un cristal révèle des secrets quantiques inédits

American scientists have made a remarkable discovery in the field of quantum materials. An international team of scientists led by Boston College physicists has demonstrated the existence of two distinct topological phases in an internal single-layer crystal. This discovery opens new perspectives in the investigation of unique and new properties of quantum materials. The monolayer … Read more

Chemists are modifying solar technology to produce fewer harmful greenhouse gases

Des chimistes modifient la technologie solaire pour produire un gaz à effet de serre moins nocif

Researchers in the UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Chemistry are exploring innovative ways to harness solar energy and convert it into high-energy compounds, opening the door to the production of environmentally friendly fuels. The envisioned approach could be a key piece of the energy transition puzzle. In their paper titled, the researchers detail how they use … Read more

Creating silent cables for rare physical events

Création de câbles silencieux pour les événements physiques rares

Extremely sensitive physics experiments require extremely low levels of ambient radioactivity to detect rare events. Researchers have developed new custom-made cables with low radioactivity that pave the way for more precise research into dark matter and neutrinoless double beta decay. The science behind low-radioactivity cables Background radioactivity, found in everything from dust to the environment, … Read more

HOUSING. Photovoltaic panels: price, profitability, scams… is it still worth installing?

HOUSING.  Photovoltaic panels: price, profitability, scams... is it still worth installing?

basic The French are jumping into photovoltaic panels covering more and more roofs. Is it really worth the investment to lower your electricity bill? How to navigate in the flood of offers to individuals and help with the purchase? How to avoid scams? Lighting. Photovoltaic panels are attracting more and more French people. In ten … Read more

Green ammonia: 60% cheaper thanks to the new lithium process

Ammoniac vert : 60% moins cher grâce à un nouveau procédé au lithium

The production of ammonia, a chemical compound widely used in various industries, faces major environmental challenges due to its significant impact on carbon emissions. A team of engineers from the University of Illinois at Chicago, led by Professor Meenesh Singh, has developed a promising new ammonia synthesis process that meets several sustainability criteria. Innovative lithium-based … Read more

CONVERSATION. “Solar panels paid for by the state or available for 1 euro do not exist,” market specialist Luka Payras

CONVERSATION.  "Solar panels paid for by the state or available for 1 euro do not exist," warns market specialist Luka Payras

basic Luka Payras returns to the solar market in France for La Dépêche du Midi. Specialist in energy issues at Selectra it also provides some advice and attempts to shed some light on the most common scams. The solar sector seems to be slowing down in France. do you confirm that? There isn’t much of … Read more

SwRI is building the future of space refueling with APS-R

SwRI construit l

As space exploration projects accelerate, technological innovations could extend the life of spacecraft in orbit. The Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is set to build, integrate and test a small demonstration spacecraft as part of the $25.5 million Space Mobility and Logistics (SML) prototype project, funded by the US Space Force and led by prime contractor … Read more

FDJ EuroDreams results for Thursday 4

FDJ EuroDreams results for Thursday 4

The EuroDreams Lottery by Française des jeux (FDJ), drawn every Monday and Thursday, offers an annuity of €20,000 for three decades, or a jackpot of €7.2 million. Like EuroMillions, the EuroDreams draw can take part in several European countries for a €2.50 grid. Players have until 20:15 to confirm their tickets. To play EuroDreams, all … Read more