How artificial intelligence is shaking up the world of video games


The good news: artificial intelligence will not replace artists and creative professions. Not right away anyway. Emmanuel de Maistre says it. He is the co-founder of Scenario, a San Francisco startup that designs models dedicated to artists and video game creators, enabling them to work with ultra-personalized AI. Emmanuel de Maistre is a guest on … Read more

Faced with ChatGPT, the New York Times is suing OpenAI and Microsoft

Faced with ChatGPT, the New York Times is suing OpenAI and Microsoft

The New York Times announced this Wednesday that it is suing Open AI, the startup that created ChatGPT, as well as Microsoft Group, its lead investor. American newspapers condemn the loss of several billion dollars and accuse both companies of making money on their backs, since ChatGPT was trained mainly by articles from the New … Read more

Why we should stop fearing generative artificial intelligence

Emmanuel Macron - Plan quantique

France is afraid… The famous sentence uttered in 1976 at the beginning of the televised high mass of 20 hours by Roger Gicquel could still apply today. That’s when we talked about uncertainty. Today we are talking about generative artificial intelligence. And the least we can say is that the French do not feel reassured … Read more

The EU has reached an agreement to regulate the development of artificial intelligence

Thierry Breton

EU co-legislators have reached a “political agreement” on a text that should promote innovation in Europe while limiting the possible excesses of these highly advanced technologies. “Historic! The EU becomes the first continent to set clear rules for the use of artificial intelligence,” welcomed European Commissioner Thierry Breton at the birth of the project presented … Read more

“Gemini”, an artificial intelligence from Google

"Gemini", an artificial intelligence from Google

Google launched its new artificial intelligence (AI) model, Gemini 1.0, on Wednesday, December 6. For the Californian giant, it’s a question of competition from OpenAI (creator of ChatGPT), funded primarily by Microsoft. Google DeepMind Vice President Eli Collins highlighted Gemini’s strengths during a press presentation: “ It is our most substantial, most talented, and also … Read more

AI: Elon Musk plans to raise $1 billion for his xAI startup

Elon Musk

Its ambition is to compete with OpenAI (creator of ChatGPT) and Google. Artificial intelligence startup xAI, founded by Elon Musk, is in the process of raising hundreds of millions of dollars, according to a document filed with the SEC, the U.S. stock market watchdog, on Tuesday. The spring-founded company hopes to raise up to $1 … Read more

ChatGPT, the enfant terrible of artificial intelligence, blows out its first candle

ChatGPT, the enfant terrible of artificial intelligence, blows out its first candle

ChatGPT, a digital and conversational bot, celebrates its first year of existence this Thursday. Available online from November 30, 2022, this artificial intelligence program, developed by the California start-up Open AI, continues to fascinate as well as worry both policymakers, AI experts and the general public. Published on: 30/11/2023 – 17:44 3 minutes This anniversary … Read more

OpenAI in crisis, artificial intelligence needs answers

OpenAI in crisis, artificial intelligence needs answers

“ In principle, we agreed that Sam would return to OpenAI as CEO » (…) « We are working on the details. Thank you for your patience during this time “. The end of the crisis in Silicon Valley or the beginning of a big cleanup in the artificial intelligence sector? OpenAI, the flagship of … Read more

Microsoft hires former OpenAI chief Sam Altman

Microsoft s

Fusion with Open AI works. Microsoft will hire Sam Altman, co-founder and former No. 1 startup OpenAI, Satya Nadella, the US giant’s boss, announced on Monday, three days after announcing the Silicon Valley star’s dismissal and trying to lobby for the rehabilitation of the chief executive. Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, both co-founders of OpenAI, … Read more